‘The Eye Has To Travel’ – Diana Vreeland


“Interviewer: How does someone come to be Fashion Editor of Harpers Bazaar and Editor of Vogue.

DV: Well first of all you must arrange to be born in Paris. That is really the best start in life

Last weekend following many rave reviews and recommendations I went to see the film based on former Vogue Editor Diana Vreeland’s life. We went to the Angelika Movie Theatre in Soho following a very lovely Italian dinner at nearby restaurant Lupa (very yummy if you’re in the area!).
I was very excited to see the movie as I am big fan of the September Issue and generally interested in the inner workings of the fashion industry and world of magazine publishing – in case this had escaped your notice…

The movie is an amalgamation of interviews and anecdotes from colleagues and friends like Andy Warhol, Diane Sawyer, Manolo Blahnik and Veruschka underpinned with the recordings of an interview with Diana Vreeland in the 1970s. In fact, Mrs. Vreeland’s unique, powerful and no-nonsense voice tells much of the story emphasising her extreme lifestyle in a way that highlights both her hilarity but also her vulnerability (although her vulnerability is never something she openly addresses in the film).

Images are definitely the most potent thing about the movie, beautiful, diverse fashion spreads that illuminate her desire to push boundaries and aptly represent the extreme decade she was Editor through: the Sixties. Her obsession with her openly favourite decade, the Twenties, and fact she was such an instrumental figure in the social and fashion upheaval of the Sixties is backed up by her sentiment, “don’t tell a story if it’s not interesting, create ‘faction’”. She stated we “live through our fantasies” and this desire to avoid reality came through in the movie with little mention of her family and personal life.

“It’s not about the dress. It’s about the life you live in the dress,” is a memorable quote that underpins the movie in many ways, the idea that “style is a way of a life”.

A remarkable woman and a FABULOUS movie, a must-see it if you are interested in Fashion!


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