My First and Favourite Thanksgiving

What originally started off as a rather bizarre concept for me to comprehend: an odd early Christmas in late November with unheard of dishes (such as yams) and celebrated with a parade of big balloons, thanksgiving ended up being a definite highlight of my experience in the US so far.

While most of my friends went out of town for the weekend, flying home to various parts of the country, I celebrated my new favourite holiday in New York. After watching the film Miracle on 34th Street enough times to be well versed on the famous Macy’s day parade shenanigans (as well as fascinated about just what happened to the actress who played Matilda click here to find out exactly that) I had an idea of what to expect. Being in the country for the first time at this time of year however, I decided it was mandatory to play the tourist card attend the parade.

Luckily I had family friends in the city who did the early shift of reserving the parade on 6th Avenue, a few blocks down from Radio City which allowed me the leisurely time of 8am to arrive with enough time to get a coffee, half a bagel and a half decent view. Surprisingly seeing large flying Kermit the Frog, Spiderman and Carly Rae Jepson was worth it.

A slightly deflated Kermit..

A slightly deflated Kermit..

After the parade I left Kermit and Carly for a sophisticated thanksgiving dinner at my friend’s fabulous apartment with these amazing NY views…

Happy Holidays!

The bird

The bird


My Thanksgiving view

My Thanksgiving view




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