Hamptons December Minibreak..


I took another step towards goal New Yorker status by visiting the Hamptons for their ‘Holiday Rugby Party’ in early December. A friend kindly invited me to go along with her and despite a slightly stressful start of rushing through a particularly busy Midtown Manhattan on a particularly rainy day to find the bus stop which turned out to be not the right bus stop (Hamptons Jitney and Luxury Liner are not the same FYI), it was a great trip.

After feeling proud of myself for reaching the supposed correct bus stop I stood patiently waiting for the bus and my friend when a very cool man on a fantastic bicycle parked up and asked if this was the right place for the bus to East Hampton. I said, yes, and he asked me if I minded watching his bike (and bag I might add) while he ran into the cafe behind me to get a pizza and, did I want anything for the road? I said ‘yes of course’ and ‘no thank you’ and just as he dashed into the cafe I saw my friend appear looking frazzled and confused. When she reached me she conveyed we were actually at the wrong bus stop and the one we had booked was scheduled to leave at that minute from somewhere 2 blocks over. Panicked, we rushed to the right stop and it was only when we got there that I remembered about the cool man and his lovely bike that I had just abandoned while he popped into the cafe that he had offered to buy me food at. Feeling like the worst person in the world but with no going back with bus approaching I had to just hope that the people of New York too had some respect for this nice man and his bike and his belongings would not be stolen.

The next day in East Hampton I had put the thought out of mind with the party from the previous night distracting me as well as the great surroundings, when we bumped into the same man in the only Starbucks in the area. Standing 4 feet away from us I was very tempted to go over and apologise when I overheard some teenagers next to us say that the man was famous and “wasn’t he also in that movie with Kate Hudson?”. I obviously could no longer go over as this man was even cooler than I had first thought and both him and Kate Hudson would probably never forgive me if I had actually been responsible for his bag / bike being stolen..

A glamorous, fun weekend otherwise, famous-bike-man definitely made it the more memorable but slightly more uncomfortable…