Intern Diaries: The Row FW’13 (Market)

Thanks to a referral from a fabulous friend I had the amazing opportunity of working at fashion line The Row for their presentations to buyers (Market Week) following their show at NYFW the previous week. This was particularly great as NYFW meant that fashion fever was, quite literally, at fever-pitch. The Row is a company I have admired for a long time, the aesthetic being simple designs with ultra-luxury fabrics and a distinct focus on tailoring.

It is perhaps best known, by those who don’t follow the fashion world’s every move, as the label that launched the $22,000 backpack. It is therefore at the pinnacle of contemporary luxury fashion and I naturally jumped (leaped and bounded..) at the chance to work there.

It is also, of course, known as the line designed and started by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They are both at the centre of everything the line does and were in the offices of The Row all of the time I was there. (The eleven year old Holiday in the Sun obsessive in me was freaking out silently the whole time but I kept it together, thankfully..).

My role was primarily dressing the three models we had in the showroom in the looks that buyers looking through the collection wanted to see. I therefore had to make sure that the looks from the look-book were assembled correctly. It is worth mentioning that the Autumn/Winter collection is absolutely gorgeous: abundant in luxury fabrics, layers and texture that was great to handle let alone actually wear.

As you will see from the photos below, we couldn’t help but try on a couple of things while packing up the collection for Paris…








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