Hurricane Sandy…

Being a Brit in New York means two things: 1) people don’t understand you in cafe’s when you request “water” – which we apparently pronounce “worrtar” and to be understood you must say “wAAturr” (I digress). 2) We have never experienced any extreme weather including hurricanes (just continuous drizzle for our entire lives).

This has made the threat and build up to Hurricane Sandy an entirely new experience. From the notes we received under our doors to pack an emergency ‘to-go’ bag and stock up on provisions – food, water (wAAturr), torches (flashlights) and candles to the desolate New York streets – this is odd! I am currently in my friend’s room waiting for Sandy apparently the ‘worst storm of the century’ to hit and not knowing really what to expect.

It is, while power permits, allowing me to update my blog (see below posts, thanks) and share these photos with you! Will keep you updated. Stay safe New Yorkers!

Subway shut down


New York Post keeping things positive…


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