‘See the World Beautiful’ Anne Menke Fashion Book Launch

Wednesday 17th October was the launch of new fashion photography book See The World Beautiful by Anne Menke at the Clic Gallery in Soho. The event was a stylish exhibition of her work as well as focusing attention on the book available to buy and have signed by Menke in the gallery.

Very much a fashion traveller, Menke has been all over the world locating diverse backdrops for her fashion spreads, featuring people and places she believes represents the inspiration of current runway collections. Her book is a collection of photographs taken while on assignment for the likes of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Conde Nast Traveller – a number of these photos taken for her own interest as well as the ones featured in the assignments.

It is a gorgeous, gorgeous book that I wanted to frame every page of while flicking through and the evening was a fantastic way to celebrate it. The sponsors of the night Veuve Cliquot kept the crowded gallery buzzing and provided the appropriate ‘New York gallery party’ atmosphere that most guests seemed very adept to (and that we attempted to look very nonchalant and adept to…)!

Publisher: Glitterati Incorporated


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